Thursday, February 24, 2005

I think that girls confuse me.... i think....

Wow. It isnt often that i come across someone with a sadder love life than myself. I realized last night that i am the most clueless and oblivious person i know when it comes to girls. I mean, if you ask me to fix your computer, or help you buy a paintball gun, or give you spiritual advice of some sort, i can most likely give you an answer. And if you ask me something that i dont know about, i can prolly find the answer on google.

But the secrets to dealings w/ women arent on google.

I have asked older and wiser people about how i fit into the world of high school dating. They all said it isnt worth it. And as i look around at freinds of mine that are dating, and watch them get together, and break up, and get together again, I am inclined to agree.

But at the same time, what i really want is someone who loves me for who i am, despite all of my faults.

Maybe what im looking for isnt a girlfriend. Maybe i just want a real freind.

but if she was drop-dead gorgeous, so much the better.



Roonie said...

I have friends who have been together since high school, and I'm 25 now. I definitely wouldn't advocate getting serious with anyone in high school; it holds you back from doing a LOT of things, trust me. You don't need to understand women at your've got time to figure it out (and have fun doing it). I'd definitely go back to high school and tell myself not to worry about dudes so much. Maybe then I would've had a better time.

Jasmine said...

Well Josh, I'd have to agree with your observation on dating in high school. Looking back on it (yes! I graduated!) I see how dating would have kept me tied down, and unable to do so many fun things. Plus, some of my friends have been really really hurt by their dating relationships. They have scars that will last forever. and i am so glad I don't have to worry about that. So wait for college, and celebrate your singleness, man! Of course, maybe you think I'm sort sort of home school freak, but thats my two cents worth for ya! Just some thoughts from someone whos through with highschool and never dated. ever. (and proud of it!) TTYL!