Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I feel.... pwned.

For lack of a better term, i feel completely pwned right now. I just finished a buttload of homework, and i still have a buttload to do (gonna hafta wait till tommorow, this dudes out). Why does school keep this constant pressure on me? Do they think i have nothing better to do?

I have been talking to some older people about high school, and i gather that it wasnt the same back in the day. My small group leader TJ and i were getting some food, and he started going off about how much slacked off in high school, and how his grades rocked in spite of it. What the crap is up w/ that? I'm prolly gonna end up w/ a 3.2 or something this trimester, and over half of those are gimmie classes. I had to scramble to keep my math grade from falling. And i did all of the homework! I kinda studied!

And yet, the previous generation got to lae their way through high school, not caring whether their assignments were turned in or not, and not hafta worry about being able to get into college after they were done.

Ill be lucky if i end up going to a state university.

GRR! the system SUCKS!

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Roonie said...

State universities rock my socks, man!