Friday, September 16, 2005

rainy friday.

Today, there was rain.

I guess for most people, that would be depressing. People seem to have this obsession with the sun for some reason. They always go to places like California and Flordia looking for sunshine. They like ot hit up the beaches and lay it the stuff, for hours on end. For the life of me, I cannot understand why the heck someone would want to go seek after the sun. I seek after grey.

I say I seek after grey because it's got all the same stuff as rainy weather does, cept without the wet part. I went on a walk today and got caught in big, drippy raindrops. That didn't go over well with my pj pants, they're still kinda wet. =\. Wet is cold, and cold is uncomfy. Thus, rain is only a good deal if you are dressed for the occasion. But i love it anyways. It puts the world in a differnt light.

Take the beach for example. You head out to any beach about 1:00 in the afternoon on a sunnny day, and there's going to be people in their bathing suits with their kites and little kids, all of them running around, building sandcastles and getting in sandfights, and there will be mothers shouting to their children, "Oh no little Johnny, don't go out to far in the water! DON'T LETIT GET UP PAST YOUR ANKLES JOHNNY!!", and fathers drinking beer and thinking about whats on tv back home, and pre-teen boys and girls walking around trying to look like emo kids, even though emo kids are never at the beach.

But if you show up to the coast about 7:00 in the morning, there is no sun. No people either. The only thing you hear is the gulls yawning and the roar of the waves. With the sun's brilliant and overbearing rays absent, you can begin to see the beach for what it truly is. Nothing. Theres no excitment here, none whatsoever. Everything is absorbed either into the grey sky or the sea itself. There is no sound except what comes out of your mind.

I veiw the beach in early morning as a canvas. You are free to make of it what you wish, to see what you want to see. The sand is coarse in your hands, and the salt in the air stings your eyes. The waves gently chase sound away from your ears, and you are free from the world, with your thoughts as your only companion. As you pick up the sand in you hands, and cast it to the wind, they become your cares. They float through the air, and you can see them for what they really are.

Rain in the 'burbs is a different thing altogether. It's like a muted celebration of the world around us. Every light becomes just a little bit brighter, and everything warm becomes a little bit warmer. The rain slows down time, and lets it linger for a moment. The sound of rain is unique, cold but gentle. Its touch is smooth, yet sharp at the same time. And if you stand out in the rain for too long, you get wet. You hafta go inside and put on new clothes. I do not know why that's relavent, but it seems to fit.

I wish i was at the beach, with my camera, a couple of rolls of film, and a certian someone.


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