Thursday, January 13, 2005

The College Experience

the college experience:
1. being utterly, completely poor.
2. Time is a gift to be cherished...then wasted on video games.
3. Friends are the most important things in the world.. esp. those that actually go to class and take notes.
4. Laptops are great for play CS:S on wifi.
5. Caffine is your friend. No really. Like intimately.
6. That one crazy drunk guy in your hall.
7. The frat boys who think they own the world.
8. The sorority girls who think they are the world.
9. Diversity crap that somehow results in white males losing money, and it ends up in the gay pride center.
10. You develop a deep hatred of the bookstore.
11. Loud music can cover the strange noises coming from the next room...
12. Sleep is for suckers...or people that can't afford some form of caffiene.

--by andy catts

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