Wednesday, January 12, 2005

School is a brainwashing facility

School is all about cramming my and my peers brains into tiny boxes. School is about wasting all of the 6 hours i spend there doing 1 hour worth of learning. School is about trying to make me conform and to become what i am "supposed to be". How the heck would they know what Im supposed to be?

Im sure that school was much better than killing pigs and picking grass, back in the old days when that was all they did. I would have loved to kill some time slouching in a rigid wooden desk, listening to the hott 20something schoolteacher from mississippi or wherever yack about some far off country in the oreint. Learning something that didnt involve plants or dead animals would have rocked my world. But when i look back on, say, the past 2 weeks ive spent at school, i havent learned jack friggin squat. The entire trimester i spent in chemistry last term could have been summed up in about a week of class. So, why should i have to sit in class for friggin ever waiting for the teacher to stop talking? Shouldnt i be eager to learn more?

Well, for now, me and my ipod will rock on for hours and hours waiting for bells to ring.


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Anonymous said...

This is Caity, just to let you know. And I have to say that I completely agree with you about school. Sure, the social part is fun, but it is the biggest timewaster. That's why I decided to take a correspondance course for Spanish 3 at PCC this summer instead of wasting my time and energy doing it at school next year.

But if you don't go to school it'll be hard to go anywhere in life, you know? It's not like I want to be the next Donald Trump but I definatly don't want to be flipping burgers.