Friday, January 28, 2005


I always thought being rich would be a drag. I always thought that 90% of the fun of having stuff was the anticipation of buying it, the saving up pennies, the waiting for christmas. I mean, you know how it is. You wait and wiat to get something, and when you get it you are really happy with it for a couple hours, or days, and then after that its just yet another thing you own. Take my paintball gun for example. For the longest time, i really really wanted a performance tourney paintball gun. And the fun part of it was wanting to have it. Now, i sitll think that its the sweetest thing ever, and i love that gun to death, but the magic that it held when i first had it is gone. Thats why i was glad i didnt have everything i wanted. If i did, there would be nothing to look forward to.

But right now, i wish more than anything that i had money to throw around. I need to buy paintball equipment, paint, tourney entry fees, computer stuff, new clothes (i have very little clothing right now) and, above all, FOOD. I am almost tempted to put a paypal link in here so that all of you could donate a few bucks to my cause.

Maybe i wish i was rich.

But not too rich.


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Roonie said...

Yeah, I hear ya there. You just want to be comfortable enough to afford what you want, but not rich enough to afford things you don't even know that you want. Clear enough! I'm sick of this subsistence-style living myself!