Friday, January 28, 2005

Work Ethic

Some people call sleeping in class laziness. I call it prioritizing my time.

Think about it. I get more than decent grades, the same grades as any average, hardworking student would get. And yet, all those average, hardworking students slave away every day in school, listening to stuff that they dont wanna hear, writing stuff down that they think and know is worthless beyond the classroom door, and doing meaningless work only to have it turned in and become a number on a spreadsheet. For all this pain, they get a B+ in the class and a right to complain on how lame and stupid all of their classes are.

Me? I lazily float on into my first 3 classes, get comfortable in my chair and promplty nod off about half-way. Part of me is still awake, so that if i am called upon to answer a question i do not look like i just woke up. Its sort of this in-between state, a false sleep in which i am still consious. It is somewhat hard to maintain, but it is vital to my strategy. See, i have figured out that half of your grade in a given class is based upon what that teacher thinks of you. If you are kind and respectful, always look like you are paying some degree of attention, and "participate" by turning in assignments (it doesnt matter if all the answers are total BS, as long as you make sure that it looks like you tried), no matter how much sleep you are actually getting during that teacher's lectures, you will get just as good of a grade as the kids who work their tails off every day.

Case in point-- today in spanish class:

--Girl whispers something to generic boy next to her, crumpling sound of paper is heard.

--Our hero feels a dull impact on the base of his neck

Hero: ::yawn:: uuh? (translation: wtf was that?)
--looks in direction of girl

Girl: wake up! and do your work!

Hero: Uhhh....

Girl: If everyone else has to do it, then you have to too!

--This is the part that puzzles me. "Well, since we are all to stupid to figure out that our teacher reads off the frickin answers at the end of the outrageously long worktime, you should have to suffer and fill out this meaningless drivvel too!"
Is it just me, or isnt smart and clever behavior supposed to be rewarded in education? It seems to me that it should be the other way around, I get to sleep because I figured out the system. Better yet, maybe Miss Self-Righteous can get a clue and take a page out of my book. Maybe she would lose that auora of stuck-upness if she got a little more sleep!

Maybe this is the way this should have played out

--Hero is sleeping
--Girl wakes him up

Hero: uuh?(wtf?)

Girl: um, sorry to wake you, oh genious one, but i had a question.

Girl: Why is it that you sleep without fear of being caught clueless in front of the class?

Hero: (brushes off shoulders) Well, my little peasant, i sleep because I have no doubt that the answers will become apparent in due time!

Girl: Oh, I see the Light! I should sleep, just as you do! Can i give you all my money?

Hero: Why, sure!

See, happy ending. I get money, girl gets beauty sleep, we all get answers.
::sigh:: why cant the world be more like my imagination?


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