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i got lucky. thats all.

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from the archives.

not primo material from a technical standpoint. but i love the feel.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I decide to write tonight.

What does art mean?

After all, this is an art blog. That question should be asked.

I think that we can classify art as all of the things that are cool to look at/read/listen to, and that allow us to think differently about things, but don't have a whole lot of "usefulness".

It's hard to create an effective business model or build a bridge with a photograph or an essay.

I can inspire those things with art, but creating them is not considered art.

That stuff is work.


When I make a photograph, the process of creating it is a lot more satisfying than having a cool print. And showing a cool print to people is way more fun than making it.

But I would never go buy a print, or make a copy of someone elses. Even if it was the coolest thing in the world; it wouldn't be mine.

However, when doing Calculus, I'm more than happy to take someone elses work. All I want is the finished product. The answer is all that matters. The journey to get to the answer is boring and tedious, and I do everything I possibly can to shorten the ammount of time I spend journeying.

But it takes just as much intelligence to solve a calculus problem as it does to create a photograph. Perhaps more.

But it isn't art. It's work.

What if we took math, or science, or accounting, or elctrical engineering, and started doing it in ways no one had ever thought of before.

What if all the accountants got their books together, got a lil high, and tried to be accountants in a creative way.

I've always been told there is one way to solve an equation. One right answer. That "this is the correct data that you should have gotten from your experiment if you did it right." There's one way.

But what if i thought up a new way?

It's almost impossible to make myself think in a new way about Calculus. Mostly because calculus is a very complex system, and people have been thinking about it for so long that they've pretty much figured out all of the ways to do calculus effectively.

But art is viewed as ever-changing. There is no right way to do compose music, or paint, or photograph.

Why does math have to have a "right" way and a "wrong" way?

Culturally, we have put a schizm between art and science. It is a hindrance to the advancement of the sciences, particularily math. There are free-thinking scientists out there, but they don't stray very far from the roots of their given fields.

What if science and art were the same?
What if instead of telling people how to find x, they were left to figure out what x was themselves?
What if science exepermiments is 5th grade were truly experiments, and not step by step instructions to find data?

What if there wasn't a "right" way to get the answer?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

negative scan experiment

I'm always willing to try new things, so i tried this. It's dirty, low-resolution (because the negatives are so small), but i like the effect. This technique seems to bring out all of the imperfections in the negative; notice the left side (film casing popped open). I'll try scanning the print i made of this when i get it back, for comparison.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006 <---BITCHES.

these weinerheads are taking down tab sites.

thats right guys. it's now illegal to take down guitar tabs.

pretty soon, it'll prbably be illegal to play someone elses songs without paying for the right to do so.

how screwed up is that?

more are coming.

oh yeah, these guys killed Grokester too.

and do i hafta mention the RIAA suing dead people?

this has gotta end somewhere folks. The recording industry combating people who blatantly pirate illegal copies of music the release is one thing.

but this strikes the heart, man.

if you don't know what tabs are:

lets say I hear a song on a cd that i wanna learn how to play on my guitar or bass. I get out my axe, a pen and some paper and listen to it again and again while trying out fingerings on the guitar until they match up with whats coming through the speaker. Like trying to learn how to sing a song.

tabs are a notation that guitarists use to write down fingerings for songs. It used to be that one could go online and find tabs to any song you wanted to know how to play, posted by people who figured them out.

its not stealing music. its like posting lyrics online.

and now... it's illegal.

someone should freakin lock these RIAA and NMPA policy makers in the looney bin. They're skrewing over the most important part of their business: their consumers.

Our country was founded on the idea that if a large power is being unfair, people have the right to revolt. That's John Locke philosophy.

We can revolt against the music industry. It's called boycott. If they don't have consumers, they don't have a business.

Theres a place where we have to draw the line. For me, it's here.

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some things never change.

i love this kid.


keep on melting faces man.

hey its...


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panning technique

this wasnt easy... i shot about 20 cars and this one came out good. you have to set the shutter for really long and follow the moving object.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Monday, July 10, 2006

yay for RAW mode...

photoshop turns the ordinary into extra-ordinary.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Camera!

Thanks to my generous parents, I am the proud new owner of a Canon EOS 300d.

you know what that means? no more film.

Shutter Speed: 1/2500 sec.
Apereture: f/5.6
ISO: 400
-1 step exposure compensation.

as if you cared.


Thursday, June 22, 2006


this one makes me happy.

night experimentation.

new roll!

i found these in my car... they're from like a month ago. turned out splendid!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


these are ok, unaltered. light leaked on the film... :(.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

albums that you should have, but probably don't.

I have a desire to write music reviews.
but no one wants to read about an album they already own.
So i shall take it upon me to write reviews of albums you haven't bought.

album #1 that you should have, but probably don't:

Copeland -- In Motion (2004)

This band and album took me completely by surprise. Labeled by Militia Group, lots of people have heard the name somewhere but no one knows the band very well. The album spans a wide range of piano rock with an infusion of east-coast distorted guitar; they could be compared to bands like Mae. But by the same token, this work is utterly original and a comfort and joy to listen to.

The first thing that stood out to me about this record is the quality of songwriting, both lyricially and musically. The chords are just large enough, the drums just soft enough, and the lead vocals are amazing. The timbre of his voice has a quality to it thats hard to describe, and the only other person i've heard sing even close to it is Asad from fly upright kite. He sits high up on the register, and the tone is unique and stupendous. Musically, nothing is really far out of the box, but it sounds absolutely lovely.

Lyrically, this album is amazing. The writing is sensitive and metaphorical with out being confusing or freaking emo. A lot of bands on the indie fringe are very hard to lyrically understand, early Death Cab being a prime example. (bend to squares five or six times? wtf?) But these guys know how to write. I love it.

Best of all, these guys show so much class with their work. The album art is solid, and the label is respectable. But seriously, not too many piano rock bands are cool enough to put a waltz-time ballad (complete with accordion) in the middle of their album? and actually pull it off?

go buy this thing. just do it.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Massage for the mind

You ever get a knot in your back?

Knots never hurt very sharply, but whenever you bend or stand up or lift something, they remind you of their exsistance.

We can't ever get knots out of our back by ourselves, we have to employ one of our friends who is versed in the art of massage. Massage is sort of uncomfortable experience, and when the person on your back is working out a knot, it burns. But when you stand up, the knots are gone, and so is the dull pain in your back.

People get knots in their heads and hearts too. They're the places where we are lying to ourselves. The head and the heart are very closely knit (modern humanity doesn't want you to know that), and when there's a "knot" in one, theres usually a knot in the other. And just as the knots in one's back, it's quite difficult to work them out by one's self. And, just as the knots in one's back, it hurts when you take them out.

When you start pressing on the hard spots in people's minds, you bring forward many things that aren't usually seen. You learn a lot about the person you're pressing on, and more often than not they learn something about themselves. The confrontation between what is true and what our heads tell us is very hard, because the flaw lies not in facts but in logic itself. The only thing we can hold up as true fact is the Word of God.

When was the last time we confronted the knots in our minds with truth?

And what would happen if we did?

Monday, March 06, 2006

and the last one

maybe i'll stand on this someday.


these are pretty good...

i went the photo-cd route this time, i'm MUCH happier with the results.


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