Saturday, April 22, 2006

Massage for the mind

You ever get a knot in your back?

Knots never hurt very sharply, but whenever you bend or stand up or lift something, they remind you of their exsistance.

We can't ever get knots out of our back by ourselves, we have to employ one of our friends who is versed in the art of massage. Massage is sort of uncomfortable experience, and when the person on your back is working out a knot, it burns. But when you stand up, the knots are gone, and so is the dull pain in your back.

People get knots in their heads and hearts too. They're the places where we are lying to ourselves. The head and the heart are very closely knit (modern humanity doesn't want you to know that), and when there's a "knot" in one, theres usually a knot in the other. And just as the knots in one's back, it's quite difficult to work them out by one's self. And, just as the knots in one's back, it hurts when you take them out.

When you start pressing on the hard spots in people's minds, you bring forward many things that aren't usually seen. You learn a lot about the person you're pressing on, and more often than not they learn something about themselves. The confrontation between what is true and what our heads tell us is very hard, because the flaw lies not in facts but in logic itself. The only thing we can hold up as true fact is the Word of God.

When was the last time we confronted the knots in our minds with truth?

And what would happen if we did?