Tuesday, May 09, 2006

albums that you should have, but probably don't.

I have a desire to write music reviews.
but no one wants to read about an album they already own.
So i shall take it upon me to write reviews of albums you haven't bought.

album #1 that you should have, but probably don't:

Copeland -- In Motion (2004)

This band and album took me completely by surprise. Labeled by Militia Group, lots of people have heard the name somewhere but no one knows the band very well. The album spans a wide range of piano rock with an infusion of east-coast distorted guitar; they could be compared to bands like Mae. But by the same token, this work is utterly original and a comfort and joy to listen to.

The first thing that stood out to me about this record is the quality of songwriting, both lyricially and musically. The chords are just large enough, the drums just soft enough, and the lead vocals are amazing. The timbre of his voice has a quality to it thats hard to describe, and the only other person i've heard sing even close to it is Asad from fly upright kite. He sits high up on the register, and the tone is unique and stupendous. Musically, nothing is really far out of the box, but it sounds absolutely lovely.

Lyrically, this album is amazing. The writing is sensitive and metaphorical with out being confusing or freaking emo. A lot of bands on the indie fringe are very hard to lyrically understand, early Death Cab being a prime example. (bend to squares five or six times? wtf?) But these guys know how to write. I love it.

Best of all, these guys show so much class with their work. The album art is solid, and the label is respectable. But seriously, not too many piano rock bands are cool enough to put a waltz-time ballad (complete with accordion) in the middle of their album? and actually pull it off?

go buy this thing. just do it.