Thursday, February 08, 2007

the creepiest thing i've seen all day:

I am a Christian. It's not a religion, or a denomination; I simply believe that there is a God, and that Jesus was God, and that the way he lived his life is the way I should try and live mine. I believe that God is alive and working today, and that his main goal for us is to be our friend, and enable us to live lives that are fufilling and have purpose.

That being said, I am freaked out by this new documentary, Jesus Camp.

The synopsis, as far as i can tell from clips off YouTube (the dvd is being downloaded as I speak), is that these guys followed a christian kids camp in Colorado around for a while. It's hosted by this evangelical mega-church, and the clips i'm seeing remind me of Hitler Youth. 10 year olds are spouting words that do not belong in their mouths, talking about fighting god's enemies, how god spoke to them and told them to go talk to random people about Jesus, and a whole bunch of stuff that seems really really creepy. I understand the bias of the people who shot and edited this film, but it still quite unnerves me.

I am a youth leader. Could this sort of thing happen at my church?